Wedding Trend for 2016 – Guesterly

Hi there!

As I’m sitting here on this gorgeous 70 degree Sunday morning in December (what?!) with a tea in hand, I’m reading up on the new wedding trends for 2016.  There is a lot of information available out there, but one item I came across really stood out to me.  It is known as a wedding yearbook called Guesterly.

Depending on how much of a personal feel you would like to add to your wedding, and how much time you would have to dedicate to it… it seems like a fun way to bring your guests together before they’re all sitting next to each other for dinner!  I’ll add the link below, but from what I’m reading, it pulls some information from Facebook and adds it to your Guesterly book (which you edit and add to as well) and then it’s designed and printed for you to send to your guests before your wedding.  Putting myself in the guests shoes, I think it would be something super fun to receive ahead of time!  It seems like a pretty unique way to give your guests a head start on chit-chat topics around the table =)

What are your thoughts on it…Like?  Love?  Think it’s weird?  I’d love to hear!